Zverejnili sme záznam z prednášky prof. Paula Stennera

Začiatkom marca sme mali česť privítať profesora Paula Stennera z britskej Open University, ktorý je dlhodobý priateľ nášho ústavu a zároveň člen nášho medzinárodného poradného zboru. Záznam z prednášky je teraz dostupný na našom youtube konte.

Informácie o prednáške

Title: Is Psychology dead? Should it be reborn?

Abstract: On one level, far from being in crisis or even dead, Psychology is thriving. Ever more undergraduate and postgraduate students opt to study Psychology, and ever more social and political issues are now expressed and discussed in a psychological register by an ever growing army of expert Psychologists. And yet, viewed from another angle, Psychology is a discipline in perpetual crisis, criticised for ‘psychologising’ complex issues by means of a controversial model of scientific practice that conceals the normative basis of its knowledge claims. In this presentation Professor Paul Stenner will reflect on the unique position of Psychology and – taking account of recent examples of crisis – argue the case for a Psychology of the ‘second-order’. Building on recent historical research with Graham Richards, a distinction will be made between Psychology (the discipline – spelled with a big P) and psychology (the subject matter, with small p). This distinction helps us to conceive of a second-order Psychology that is capable of observing the psychosocial life of Psychology itself, and also of following the cultural and historical pathways of psychology so often ignored by Psychology of the first-order.

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