We just published dissertation topics for 2022/23 academic year!

This doctoral programme is a joint programme between the Institute of Applied Psychology, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava, and the Institute for Research in Social Communication at Slovak Academy of Sciences. PhD students do their coursework and assist in teaching at the Institute for Applied Psychology, while being involved in research projects and activities at the Institute for Research in Social Communication.

In case you are interested to apply for PhD. studies, please contact one of the project supervisors first.

Detailed information about dissertation topics can be found here.

doc. PhDr. Gabriel Bianchi, CSc. / bianchi@savba.sk

  • Coping with the gender unequal world

Mgr. Barbara Lášticová, PhD. / barbara.lasticova@savba.sk

  • The interplay of cognitive and metacognitive processes in self regulated learning
  • The role of metacognition in problem solving
  • Solidarity in intergroup context

Prof. PhDr. Ivan Lukšík, CSc. / luksik@savba.sk

  • The role of partnerships in the transition to adulthood – the impact of the family environment