Establishment and Mission of CRE

Centre for Research in Education was established on August1st, 2011 as a part of the Institute for Research in Communication SAS. It represents a new period of basic research in education, which has been developed here since the late 90-ties. The research activities of the Centre are aimed at fundamental questions of education in connection with contemporary research trends in human sciences (pedagogy, philosophy of education, sociology, psychology and other relevant disciplines). In connection with previous investigations conducted so far, the current research continues to be developed in two distinct lines:

  • Education research from macro-perspective: Theoretical and empirical studies are focused on contemporary social and cultural changes, their influence on childhood in a context of school education, its current curricular and legislative reforms;school policies, i.e. the administrative governance in education, in a view of national and wider European traditions and trends, as well as in relation to socioeconomic status of families within a cross cultural comparison (etc.)
  • Education research from micro-perspective: Theoretical and empirical studies are focused on literacy, cognition and metacognition in individual child development in relation to learning outcomes, in a view of educational approaches to language and literacy education (etc.)

In a view of long-term perspective the CRE will contribute to:

  • Development of qualitative methodology of educational research, with special attention to school ethnography and cross-cultural studies;
  • Contemporary international discourse on ideological background of ongoing school reforms and their impacts on education (expectations an limits, possible and real risks in relation to particular subjects of education, etc.)

The Centre for Research in Education is open to collaboration with a wide scale of prospective partners – within a worldwide network of research institutions and universities, as well as other subjects including schools, state and nongovernmental organization working in field of education in Slovakia.