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The third 2022 issue of our journal Human Affairs is dedicated to an extended dialogue between philosopher Keith Frankish and psychologist Paul Stenner on philosophy of mind and consciousness, confronting the perspectives of illusionism and critical psychology. Join us in this exciting read!

Volume 32 Issue 3 (July 2022):

A Conversation on philosophy of mind and consciousness – illusionism vs critical psychology: An extended dialogue between Keith Frankish and Paul Stenner Gabriel Bianchi

Illusionism and its place in contemporary philosophy of mind Keith Frankish, Katarína Sklutová

‘Trust me, i´m an illusionist.’ a critical response to Keith Frankish’s illusionism and its place in contemporary philosophy of mind Paul Stenner

Illusionism is no trick Keith Frankish

Four clarifications on the soft problem of ‘Qualia as illusions’ Paul Stenner

Go south! – The establishment of Hungarian–Ethiopian diplomatic relations in 1959-1960 Viktor Marsai

Ethics in Masaryk’s classification of the sciences Jan Svoboda

The Frankfurt institute at 100: The perspective of a trichotomic critical theory Marek Hrubec