New book! The Psychology of Politically Unstable Societies

Our director Barbara Lášticová is a co-editor of a new book The Psychology of Politically Unstable Societies that was just published by Routledge.

The volume presents the latest developments in the field of political psychology by exploring the psychological processes that underlie political instability and how these can be addressed with psychological interventions.

Written by a team of international leading researchers, the book critically re-evaluates the relevance of concepts primarily developed in WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic) contexts, for non-WEIRD societies. It focuses particularly on East-Central Europe and South Africa, showing how they enjoy some privileges of WEIRD countries but are also characterized by a troubled history and relative deprivation. Covering psychological concepts such as political trust, conspiracy thinking, authoritarianism, populism, autochthony, social identity and prejudice, the chapters illustrate that psychology has the tools to explain the recurring and shared problems of these societies.

This original book is ideal for scholars and students in social psychology, political science and social science. It will also be useful reading for policy makers, political analysts and anyone who wishes to understand their role in creating more stable and more just societies.