The latest issue of Human Affairs is out!

The latest issue of Human Affairs is available here. 

You will find inside texts by our colleagues Oľga Zápotočná, Zuzana Petrová and Kamila Urban, who present the results of their research on the use of texts in classroom practice to support early literacy and the impact of media (traditional, paper vs. screen) on the reading process and reading comprehension.

You can also read texts by Denisa Hnatkovičová, Nikola Kallová, Lucia Hargašová, and Ivan Lukšík, who discuss the positives of infidelity and the impact of pandemics on romantic relationships and quality of life.

Volume 32 Issue 2 (April 2022):

Early literacy curriculum and its journey to kindergarten classroom Oľga Zápotočná, Zuzana Petrová, Marek Urban, Kamila Urban

Medium-specific aspects of digital reading and their impact on reading comprehension Zuzana Petrová

Diverstity and centrism in two contrasting early childhood education and care systems: Slovakia and Indonesia compared Branislav Pupala, Hani Yulindrasari, Maria Melita Rahardjo

For God and for nation! The ideologisation of schools and education under the changing relationship between church and state in Slovakia Ondrej Kaščák, Zuzana Danišková

Civil defence education: (Non)specific dangers and destabilisation of actorship in education Jitka Wirthová, Tomáš Barták

The internet’s role in promoting civic engagement in China and Singapore: A Confucian view Andrew Yu

Designing digital tools for quality assurance in 24-hour home-care in Austria Carina Hauser, Elisabeth Kupka-Klepsch, Elisabeth Haslinger-Baumann, Franz Werner

Coronavirus anxiety in Slovakia during the second wave of the pandemic – Associations with depression, insomnia and generalized anxiety disorder Peter Babinčák, Jaroslava Babjáková

Symbolic coping: Young people’s perspectives during the Covid-19 pandemic in three Central European countries Barbora Petrů Puhrová, Ivan Lukšík, Regina Scheitel

A misfortune or a benefit? Young people’s quality of life and romantic relationships during the Covid-19 pandemic Nikola Kallová, Denisa Hnatkovičová, Ivan Lukšík

Individual representations of love and their social and cultural resources Ivan Lukšík, Michaela Košútová Guillaume

The other side of the coin: A narrative inquiry into the positive consequences of infidelity among young adults Denisa Hnatkovičová, Nikola Kallová, Lucia Hargašová