Call for Papers: People and Society in Times of the Pandemic

The Institute for Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and The Institute for Research in Social Communication of the Slovak Academy of Sciences organize a multidisciplinary on-line conference dedicated to all aspects of impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on societies and individuals.

The global pandemics and the related epidemiological measures present an unprecedented situation impacting not only everyday lives but also the development of individual aspects of societal life and elementary societal structures. These are the times when social sciences and humanities are important in offering their analysis and answers to current problems. The current crisis is a challenge and at the same time an opportunity for development in science.

The ambition of the conference is to exchange scientific knowledge related to the epidemics not only to the scientific community but also to interested public. Presented papers should focus on current knowledge analyzing impacts of the pandemic for the society and the individual. Another important dimension of the conference will be the analysis of historical analogies and experiences with similar situations. While the primary aim of the conference is to present empirical knowledge related to realia in Slovakia the conference is open to analyses of other countries and theoretical papers as well.

Welcome are presentations from various disciplines in social sciences and humanities, primarily but not exclusively from sociology, psychology, ethnology, social anthropology, history, economics, political sciences, pedagogy and law.

Conference languages are Slovak, Czech and English.

Please submit the title of the presented paper, an abstract of 1000 characters including spaces (in Slovak, Czech or English) with your contact information until April 6, 2021 by email to

The conference program will be published on April 12, 2021.

The conference will take place online on April 20, 2021.

Length of presentation: 15 minutes, presentation will be done via screen sharing. A book of abstracts and a video of the conference will be published.

Program committee: Miloslav Bahna, Barbara Lášticová, Robert Klobucký

Organizing committee: Marianna Mrva, Xenia Daniela Poslon