A new Human Affairs issue has just been published!

The new issue focuses on processes of social change in Latin America. It was edited by Marek Hrubec and Dominika Dinušová.

Read the new issue here.

Volume 33 Issue 3 (September 2023):

Introduction: Social Changes in Latin America Marek Hrubec, Dominika Dinušová

Venezuela in the Context of Chavismo and the First Pink Tide Ján Puchovský, Ján Puchovský

New Wine in Old Wineskins? Incomplete Democratization in Brazil During the First Pink Tide Emil A. Sobottka

The Two Pink Tides in Latin America. Contemporary Global Prospects Martin Lampter

The Trajectory of Ideals in the Revolutionary Processes of Latin America Dominika Dinušová

Strategic Socialism. The Updating of Cuba’s Model Marek Hrubec

On a Genealogy of the Concept of “South–South Cooperation” Fabricio Pereira da Silva